Climate Label

Companies and organisations with a comprehensive climate strategy are awarded the climate label by Swiss Climate.

Offering best quality in terms of procedure, verifiability and traceability, the label gives committed companies a credible communication tool.

Attributes of the climate label

  • Three successive label stages: Footprint - Optimised - Neutral
  • Carbon footprint as per ISO 14064 and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol
  • Obligation to reduce carbon emissions
  • First-rate climate protection projects for carbon offsetting
  • External, independent auditing

Examined by PUSCH: best climate label

The information platform of the organisation “Pusch” (Practical Environment Protection Switzerland) has evaluated the credibility of the 145 main Swiss labels, thus helping consumers to choose products and services that are ecologically and socially sustainable. We are happy that the Swiss Climate CO2 label is one of the 16 only labels that received the maximum amount of points in all the categories (transparency, verification and certification). Notably, the Swiss Climate CO2 label is the only climate label meeting the highest quality requirements.

Would you like to use the Swiss Climate Label to communicate your commitment to environmental issues? Then please contact us (e-mail).




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