Climate Neutral Printing

Swiss Climate supports the printing industry in implementing holistic solutions for climate protection. This includes carbon neutral printing.

Three steps are necessary to receive the "climate neutral printing" label:

1. Carbon footprint

According to the ISO standards, all relevant sources are taken into account when calculating the emissions of individual print jobs. This includes raw material for the actual printing product (paper, inks, other chemicals) together with moistening agents and detergents, as well as the actual printing process itself (including pre-press and finishing) and delivery to the customer. It is thus possible to calculate and itemise the carbon emissions for every item of printed matter.

2. Carbon reduction

The print shop obligates itself to implement carbon reduction measures. This measures are checked and verified every year.

3. Climate-neutral printing

Once these two basic steps are fulfilled, it is possible to offset the emissions generated by individual print jobs, including emissions during paper production. The "climate neutral printing" label is awarded in this case. Swiss Climate offers a portfolio of top quality climate protection projects for carbon offsetting. Individual confirmation is issued for every printed matter ordered as "climate neutral". Furthermore, every climate neutral print job is given a unique identification number. This guarantees transparency and traceability.

Do you want climate neutral printing for your products? Or are you a printing shop wanting to offer your clients this possibility? Then please contact us (contact).

Would you like to have your products printed neutrally ? Or do you wish as a printing industry to offer this possibility to your clients ?

We would then be happy to be contacted by you (E-Mail).

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